Summerpark Festival

For several years now, Summerpark Festival has been creating unforgettable summer memories for hundreds of thousands of people. It is a place where friends come together, with a drink in hand, feet in the sand, to celebrate the joys of summer. Set in one of the most distinctive festival locations in the Netherlands, Almere Beach, the festival offers a unique and picturesque setting – while also being conveniently close to the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. With a line-up of surprising artists and top-tier hostings each year, Summerpark Festival caters to a wide range of musical genres, ensuring that it becomes “the best day of your summer.” Soak up the beach vibes, let go of worries, and embrace the carefree spirit of Summerpark Festival: beach more, worry less!

18 Jun 2023
Summerpark Festival 2023

Benny Rodrigues, Kris Kross Amsterdam, Prunk & more

Almere StrandAlmere
03 Jul 2022
Summerpark Festival 2022

Kris Kross Amsterdam, Benny Rodrigues, Prunk & more

07 Jul 2019
Summerpark Festival 2019

Benny Rodrigues, Kris Kross Amsterdam, Lil Kleine &...