Martin Garrix x ADE

The already legendary dance music week in our capital: ‘Amsterdam Dance Event’ (ADE) received a major upgrade with the appearance of Martin Garrix’s solo show. Since 2015, Martin Garrix headlines one of the biggest venues, RAI Amsterdam, with two solo shows each year. A show dedicated to all the Martin Garrix fans. Organized especially for all of Martin’s fans that would normally not be able to see him perform due to age restrictions, E&A Events organizes one special event for all ages too, besides the 18+ night.

20 Oct 2018
Martin Garrix ADE 2018 All ages
Rai AmsterdamAmsterdam
19 Oct 2018
Martin Garrix ADE 2018 18+
Rai AmsterdamAmsterdam
21 Oct 2017
Martin Garrix ADE 2017 All ages
AmsterdamRai Amsterdam
20 Oct 2017
Martin Garrix ADE 2017 18+
AmsterdamRai Amsterdam
21 Feb 2017
Martin Garrix voor Warchild
22 Oct 2016
Martin Garrix ADE 2016 All ages
AmsterdamRai Amsterdam
21 Oct 2016
AmsterdamRai Amsterdam
15 Oct 2015
Martin Garrix ADE 2015
AFAS LiveAmsterdam