De Helden van Oranje

The most amazing, orange colored, sing-a-long party from the Netherlands. During this event we unite ourselves with the most popular Dutch singers. Dance, jump and sing-along with the hits from then and now. An evening full of patriotic pride, all representing one color. Each year E&A Events organizes Helden van Oranje in several cities throughout the Netherlands on Kingsnight (26th of April).

26 Apr 2020
De Helden van Oranje (CANCELLED)

Tino Martin, Snelle, Rolf Sanchez and more

26 Apr 2019
De Helden van Oranje

Tino Martin, Maan, Snollebollekes, Henk Dissel & meer!

Breda & Groningen
26 Apr 2018
De Helden van Oranje

Gerard Joling, Tino Martin, André Hazes & meer

Breda & Groningen
26 Apr 2017
Helden van Oranje

Jan Smit, Gerard Joling, Thomas Berge & meer

Amsterdam, Den Bosch & Groningen