Line-up #DLDKMACAU announced

「Don’t Let Daddy Know 2016」電音起義音樂節澳門站

電音起義於2016年7月1日於亞洲拉斯維加斯 – 澳門舉辦「Don’t Let Daddy Know 2016」,我地將會帶給你最瘋狂的一次電音派對體驗。

讓大家久等了的lineup正式出爐:Steve Angello、Showtek、Moti、Borgeous、Dannic、Sem Vox及Carta。

眾所周知#DLDK 是世界知名的電子舞曲品牌之一。巨大的場地、令人興奮的視覺和特別效果,同時叫人拍案叫絕的表演名單!DLDK這品牌從2012年於西班牙伊微沙島(Ibiza)開始,從此聚集了電音界最受歡迎的名字,在國際間得到空前的成功並創造了嶄新的全球化體驗,並且曾於香港、聖地牙哥、曼徹斯特、安特衛普、伊斯坦堡及派對首都伊微沙島(Ibiza)舉行連串活動,而今次舞台將移師去澳門,為大家帶來一次盛大的演出。
請加入我們這個猶如坐過山車般刺激無與倫比壯觀的派對體驗。DLDK為你帶來了派對聖殿,一個沒有極限、一個讓你失控的地方,保證為你帶來非凡的回憶,滿足你的所有要求和欲望。除了音樂外,觀眾亦將享受到包含最出色的DJ、最前衛的舞台設計丶及「Don’t Let Daddy Know」裝置的震撼一晚。

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日期 : 2016年7月1日
地點 : 澳門新濠影滙綜藝館
早鳥門票(售票日期:25/4 – 8/5) $650 (售罄)
優先門票(售票日期:9/5 –30/6) $850
正價門票(售票日期:1/7) $1,000
貴賓席門票(售票日期:25/4 – 1/7)(包括優先入場+香檳一杯) $1,500
快達票、K11 Select 及通利琴行發售:

DJ Revolution will bring you the craziest party “Don’t Let Daddy Know” to Macau, the Las Vegas of Asia, for the first time on 1st July 2016 at Studio City.

Thank you for your support! We are glad to announce all the earlybird tickets are sold out!
The line-up is finally confirmed as follow: Steve Angello, Showtek, Moti, Borgeous, Dannic, Sem Vox and Carta.

We all know #DLDK is one of the biggest electronic dance music brands in the world. Huge venues, mind-blowing visuals and special effects, also an eye popping line-up. It all began in Ibiza, back in 2012, and the music event has since become a well known brand worldwide for bringing together the hottest names in the dance scene. DLDK is coming to Macau the first time this summer with a huge show. After previous successful events in Hong Kong, Santiago, Manchester, Antwerp, Istanbul and party capital Ibiza, DLDK is starting to create a new worldwide experience.

Join us on this roller coaster ride that will bring you the most epic way of clubbing and unique experience that you have never encountered. Come and create an extraordinary memory with your friends on that night and capture every single moment of it.  DLDK offers you a sanctuary, a place with no limits, a place where you can lose control and be yourself. Besides the music, the audience will inspire by a taste of mind-blowing nightout experience involving the best DJ’s, the most edgy decorations and’Don’t Let Daddy Know’ gadgets.

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Date: 1 July 2016 (Friday)
Place: Studio City Event Center
Early Bird Ticket (Ticket on sale : 25/4 – 8/5) $650 (Sold Out)
Advance Ticket (Ticket on sale: 9/5 – 30/6) $850
Door Ticket (Ticket on sale: 1/7) $1,000
Club Seat (Ticket on sale: 25/4 – 1/7) (includes priority entry + 1 glass of champagne) $1,500
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